Some powerful Devotions to Lord Jesus Christ

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Why do we have so many devotions to the Lord Jesus Christ? What is the need for different types of devotions?

We are truly His children, He does not want his children(humans) to perish. To save us, He has taught and revealed to His saints over the ages different ways of devotions to enkindle, to rejuvinate mankind's love and devotion for God. The devotions are a means of reparantion provided by our Lord, in His mercy and love for His children, for the unending ocean of sins prevalent in the world.

The tradition of assigning entire months to special devotions has been around since the sixteenth century.

Sacred Heart Devotion

Holy Face Devotion

Devotion to the most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Divine Mercy Devotion

Devotions to the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus

Devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus

Devotions to the Infant Jesus

Devotion for each month of the year


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